Children’s Party Entertainment

We cater for indoor and outdoor parties with a host of themes to choose from and our popular ones are:Disney Princesses, Super Heroes, Mickey mouse club house, , Soccer Tournament, High School Musical, Super heroes, Jungle party, X-factor, All star party, Karaoke Disco party, Princess and Pirate party, Christmas parties, mascot parties, clown parties, color coded parties and lots more, we can bring your imagination to life..

With our mascots, we are able to bring excitement to the children as they see their favorite character come alive right before their very eyes. There are a range of look alike mascots like Barney, Bob the Builder, Winnie the Pooh, Eoyre, Tigger, Clown, Uniqua, Jojo the clown, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Clifford the big red dog, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Peppa Pig and lots more.

Not to be be missed is our very own Ologzy Entertainment Mascot range Kenzie the funky chick, Jimbo the elephant, Lenny the lion, Freddie fox, Tango tigger, kay kangaroo and danny the dog etc.

Super Heroes  are a must and you can take your pick from Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, Ben Ten. If the children just want their wishes to come true, why not invite Gene Gennie.

They not only make guest appearances, they also dance, jump, and hop, wriggle, sing and interact with the children.

All Characters are generic costumes, and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark.

Many of our children’s parties always include singing, songs, dance and a lot of musical fun.. The children can take part in a Karaoke with TV and Microphones, sing with our character mascots and even  the puppets  when they come out to play, our one desire is for the children  to have a blast.

Children are fascinated by balloons and can never get , whether they are round, long, plastic, foil or even rubber like balloons. Parties are not the same without them. We like to twist and model different shapes dependent on the age of the child. We can model little animals like dogs, mouse, giraffe for the toddlers, hats, flowers and swords for the older ones and girls cannot do without their wands and hearts. We also can conduct a workshop where the children can model the balloons themselves.

At Ologzy Entertainment the key to our success is keeping it fresh. We always like to change the different games played with the kids. Our experience leads us into spontaneous play ensuring all the kids have fun at all times.

There is lots of dancing, with choreographed dance sessions with the kids to their favorite upbeat and current pop tunes.

We provide traditional games such as pass the parcel,Parachutes,  musical statues, Limbo dancing,hot potatoes, to mention a few, but with a twist… an add on to create more fun and the kids are more excited.

We also have our own bespoke games such as our pom pom dance show, pop it, basket ball fast pass,  put a ring on it,  Fashion show / Cat Walk with props, wave your flag, hot hot hot, I want to be rock star, Strictly come Dancing,Money Money Money, Name that tune etc

We don’t stop there, we have the bubble station, foam world, mini discos with laser lights, glow sticks and smoke machines electrifying your event.  glitter tattoos are so enchanting, meet our in house puppets and follow them on an adventure, and of course our celebrant special . The list is endless and we make sure we adapt everything just for you!